In the last years, we have been witnessing a fast development in the field of Astrochemistry. Such advances are largely due to the improvements to existing instruments and new observational facilities. Ground-based and space observatories as ALMA, APEX, IRAM and Herschel have made enormous contributions to the field. With the advent of the LLAMA project, the Large Latin American Millimeter Array (LLAMA), the community will be in position to carry out new explorations and amazing discoveries on the Molecular Universe.

The Astrochemistry LLAMA Meeting 2019 is pleased to invite the community to participate of two days of lectures, posters and discussions that will take place on 8–9 August 2019 in the Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences (IAG), University of São Paulo (USP), São Paulo (SP) – Brazil.


  • Observational Astrochemistry
  • Astrochemistry with LLAMA
  • Astrochemistry in the Laboratory
  • Theoretical and Computational Astrochemistry
  • Astrochemistry and the Origin of Life

Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Jacques Lépine (IAG – USP)
  • Marcos Buckeridge (IB – USP)
  • Edgar Mendoza (IAG – USP)
  • Isabel Aleman (UNIFEI)
  • Amaury Almeida (IAG – USP)
  • Bertrand Lefloch (IPAG)
  • Heloisa Boechat-Roberty (OV-UFRJ)
  • Nicolas U. Duronea (IAR)
  • Leonardo Bronfman (Univ. de Chile)

Local Organizing Committee (IAG – USP)

  • Carla Canelo
  • Pedro Beaklini
  • Manuel Merello
  • Daniele Ronso