Title Contributions

Oral presentations

Ailson Francisco dos Santos LimaThe roots of tree of life
Alexandre BergantiniAn interstellar synthesis of phosphorus oxoacids
Aline Ramos RibeiroFormation and Destruction of Molecules in the Atmosphere of Titan
Amaury Augusto de AlmeidaA Theoretical Study of the Carbon Monofluoride Radical in Comets
Bertrand Le FlochPrebiotic Chemistry in Star Forming Regions: Where is Phosphorus ?
Breno Rodrigues Lamaghere GalvãoHigh accuracy in the calculation of energetic profiles for astrochemical reactions
Bruno Leonardo do Nascimento DiasCan olivine and pyroxene provide clues about possible geochemical processes involving water on Mars?
Carla CaneloInterstellar observations of HNCO, a potential precursor of prebiotic molecules
Daniele Aragão Ronso da Costa LimaAstrochemistry of Stellar Envelopes by Means of Radio Astronomy
Dinelsa António Machaieie22 GHz water maser emission toward the young stellar object IRAS 16293-2422
Edgar MendozaThe Hot Molecular Core G331.512-0.103: Detection of CH2NH and its implications for Glycine
Isabel AlemanChemistry in Planetary Nebulae with LLAMA
Jacques LépineAstrochemistry with LLAMA
Julia de Carvalho SantosSuggesting the radio-observation of astrophysical ices’ secondary ions: Experimental and computational approaches
Maikel Yusat Ballester FuronesTheoretical studies of sulfur bearing molecular systems of astrochemical interest
Manuel MerelloPhysical and chemical characterization of Galactic Hot Molecular Cores with APEX telescope
Marcos BuckeridgeWhere should we look to find vestiges of life in exoplanets?
Nicolas DuroneaCyanoacetylene in the outflow G331.512-0.103
Pedro P. B. BeakliniSulphur-Bearing and Complex Organics Molecules in an Infrared Cold Core
Sergio PillingLiquid Astrophysical ice: A new state of matter?
Yanna Carolina MartinsPolycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Luminous Infrared Galaxies
Zulema Abraham
ALMA Continuum and H30α Recombination Line Observations of Eta Carinae

Poster presentations

Adriana Ribeiro da SilvaSignatures of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in starburst galaxies
Brenda Matoso Abreu MirandaAnalysis of the Chemical Composition of Starburst Dominated Galaxies Through Spectral Decomposition by Fast Fourie Transform and the SAM Method
Eduardo Janot PachecoCorrelations between abundances of complex organic molecules: fake or fact?
Loreany Ferreira de AraújoComparative Study of the Activity of the Near-Parabolic Orbit Comet C/1977 R1 (Kohler)
Natasha Costa da FonsecaChemical analysis of the Pirenópolis meteorite using PIXE and SEM techniques
Ramon Sousa da SilvaFranck-Condon factors and r-centroids for B-X band system of astrophysical molecules SO and S_{2}
Rodrigo dos Santos MagalhãesFragmentation and Ion Desorption from Acrylonitrile Ice Stimulated by Electron Impact
Stefânia Graces MignoneExploring the presence of oxidizing agents in Enceladus ocean
Thiago MonfrediniElectronic absorption spectra of small biomolecules